About us

We’re passionate about empowering product sellers to thrive.

We make it cheaper, faster and easier for businesses all over the world to get their products into their customer’s hands. Every month, millions of sales orders flow through our platform – so product sellers can spend more time building their business, and less time running it.

At a glance

125+ million

Orders per year


Cin7 customers

35+ billion

Gross merchandise value


What our leaders and teams are working on

We built Cin7 to help product businesses grow and thrive in a complex and changing world of digital commerce. We strive to be a trusted technology and growth partner for our customers along their journey and show up when they need us.

David Leach

Chief Executive Officer

We help every kind of product business, but I’m especially excited to help customers grow beyond brick and mortar stores. Partnerships with companies like Square mean we can help customers accept payments from all over the world.

Nolan Smith

Chief Financial Officer & Chief Operations Officer

I am a big believer that magic happens when you have a passionate team with clear vision and commitment to customer success and that's what we have at Cin7.

Ajoy Krishnamoorthy

Chief Product Officer

Our team is passionate about helping businesses succeed, and we are committed to providing innovative products and solutions to help customers reach their full potential. I am grateful for the opportunity to work with so many talented and dedicated people here at Cin7!

Frank Nardi

Chief Revenue Officer

I love building and working with passionate teams who are energized about building amazing solutions that support our customers growth. Partnering with organizations like Microsoft and Amazon ensures we can utilize the best technologies for our customers.

Trevor Leybourne

Chief Technology Officer

I want Cin7 to empower product businesses beyond inventory management. Our product has so much capability we can match to customer business models, giving them automation, flexibility and efficiency.

Danny Ing

Founder and Chief Innovation Officer

People are at the heart of everything we do. Our greatest asset is our team, and their wellbeing is our most important priority. We foster an environment that is safe, collaborative and inclusive; a place where we can bring our whole selves to work. Our diversity is our biggest strength, and together we all have a say on the fabric of our global culture.

Jorunn Cloutier

Global SVP People and Culture

I’m really passionate about people and helping businesses prosper in troubled times. Growing product businesses are facing a lot of new challenges, and I’m keen to help new customers solve their problems.

Mark Rafferty

SVP Sales

It’s rewarding to get to work with our passionate team to solve complex problems for our customers and help them grow their businesses.

Erik Rothschild

SVP Finance and Accounting

As well as streamlining processes for Cin7’s integration partners, I’m passionate about women in tech. We work with so many incredible female partners and customers, and it’s a privilege to be a part of their journey and help drive their success.

Michelle Calkins

Global VP Partnerships

I am focused on building an effective and efficient onboarding experience for our global customer base. We want to connect your business in the cloud which will free you up to focus more on growing your business. We are your biggest fan and are here to help you succeed!

Cason Green

VP Implementation

It is incredibly rewarding to see our customers’ businesses grow and thrive using our products. I am passionate about continuously improving the service we provide to our customers and partners to help them gain maximum value from our solutions.

Emilia Brad

Global VP of Customer Support & Success

Our values

Five beliefs that shape our work.


Be your best


We care about customers


Think outside in


We’re better together


Do the right thing

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