Blog 4 ways order management can improve your customer experience in 2024
01 March, 2023

4 ways order management can improve your customer experience in 2024

What goes on behind the scenes to get goods to a customer after clicking the “buy” button is a lot more complicated than most realize. While the process for getting an online order to a shopper breaks down to collecting, packing, and shipping the goods off when you consider the vast number of orders that consistently come in from many different online channels, you can see there could be complications that have to be overcome. Factor in the possibility of these goods being stored in any one of several gigantic warehouses, and you understand how important it is to have everything well organized. That organization, basically, is order management.

When order management works at its best, your customers are left satisfied. That’s because a well-run system keeps them and their needs in mind at every step. In this blog, we will closely examine how order management and an order management system make it all happen.


What an order management system does

An order management system (OMS) is a software application that automates every aspect of order management. It keeps accurate records of everything from the inventory you hold and the purchase orders you issue to your sales and payments. It also handles invoicing and maintains relevant customer information. All the information the system manages is stored in one location that can be accessed from anywhere.

With all the data and information it collects, a reliable and robust OMS, such as Cin7 Omni, can make forecasts about your inventory, letting you know what items to stock up on. Forecasting inventory is possible because the system knows what items are selling best and which storage locations they’re selling best from. As for working out the most efficient way to fill each order, the software can use its knowledge of where items are stored to determine which facility is best placed to fill them. This stored information about who buys what and where can also be used to make important business decisions, like offering a new fulfillment option such as curbside pickup.


4 order management functions that give shoppers a better buying experience

1. Inventory control

When prospective customers think of buying something from a website, they like to know that the item is available before they opt to purchase it. If your site lets them go through the whole purchase procedure — from selecting the size, color, and quantity to choosing payment options and filling in their details — and only then lets them know an item they want is unavailable, they’re going to be a little annoyed. If they go through the whole online purchase procedure, and you later send an email saying the item is unavailable or that it’s going to take a while to arrive, they’re going to be even more annoyed.

A good OMS lets you know how much inventory you have in stock and gives this information to your customers. Cin7 Omni’s inventory management software syncs your website or social media with real-time inventory availability, so customers can make more informed choices. This knowledge also enables the automated system to let your online customers know when particular items they want will be available.

So when it comes to inventory, with an order management system, you’re on top of everything, and your customers have every reason to trust you and your company. It’s what they call a win-win.

2. Delivery

Today’s shoppers like to have options, especially when choosing which way to get their orders into their hands. These options could be anything from delivery times, like one-day, two-day, or three-day shipping delivered to their homes, to curbside pickup to collecting their packages at a brick-and-mortar store (that’s BOPIS or buy online, pick up in-store.)

With its integrated warehouse management software, Cin7 Omni is designed to enhance your order fulfillment processes by expediting shipping, reducing errors, and boosting your team’s productivity. This feature is equipped with advanced tools that enable efficient management of all aspects of shipping, including order tracking, stocktaking, and label printing.

Again, a win-win.

3. Multichannel fulfillment

Just as shoppers have a lot of online and offline options when they want to buy something, you, the seller, have options. These run from numerous online marketplaces and social media to apps, email, and even brick-and-mortar stores. Nowadays, it’s called omnichannel marketing. For you as a seller, it means getting more visibility for your products and getting your name out.

Cin7 Omni offers a comprehensive solution that automates the entire order process by seamlessly integrating with all sales channels, allowing you to conveniently manage your sales from one system. By connecting all of your sales channels in one place, Cin7 Omni enables you to easily collect information about which items are being purchased from which source. This eliminates the need to manually enter and manage orders from multiple channels, saving time and reducing potential errors.

4. Reverse logistics

Last but not least, businesses often have to deal with return requests due to late deliveries, delivery of wrong items, damaged products, and more. While this can cause short-term dissatisfaction, a displeased consumer could be placated with effective return management.

Cin7 Omni can boost customer loyalty with quicker and more efficient returns and replacement logistics. You can establish the return policy and eligibility and initiate client-specific return processing. Furthermore, depending on its condition, you can choose whether to refurbish, refill, or discard the returned item.


Upgrade your order management system to Cin7 Omni

An OMS is good for you and your customers, but management systems do more than just handle inventory and orders. They also connect with CRM, ERP, sales, service, and commerce systems and other software you use that impacts the purchasing process. The beauty of an OMS is that when all these systems are integrated, the information each holds is available on a single platform and can easily be accessed by employees.

If you’re looking for an order management system that can help you improve your customer experience, Cin7 Omni could be the way to go. Book a demo today to learn more and understand why Cin7 Omni is the right choice for you.





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