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18 transformative e-commerce and retail trends in 2024
18 April, 2024

Explore the latest retail trends and e-commerce technologies that are changing the way businesses meet consumer demands in physical and digital environments.

How to calculate handling fees on your orders
29 February, 2024

A handling fee is an order expense designed to cover fulfillment costs that is charged to a customer in addition to an order’s subtotal and shipping fees.

Top E-Commerce Inventory Management Techniques and Optimizing Inventory Control With...
20 February, 2024

Discover how to choose the right e-commerce inventory management strategy for your brand and use Cin7’s integrations to automate and streamline operations.

10 Best B2B e-commerce Platforms for SMBs in 2024
21 December, 2023

The best B2B e-commerce platforms include Cin7, Shopify, and LogiCommerce. Find the best e-commerce software for your business here.

Propel Your e-commerce Business Forward
14 December, 2023

To position your business for success and growth, we’ve gathered insights from CFOs who have successfully led e-commerce enterprises.

21 best inventory management apps for Shopify [2023]
24 October, 2023

Creating a Shopify store is an excellent first step if you’re a product seller looking to expand your reach and gain new customers. For small businesses and individual product sellers, Shopify allows you to build a customized store in a...

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