Advanced Reporting Analytics

Reports, insights, and advanced analytics

Put your data to work, make better decisions for your brand. See your channel and operations activity in real-time. Understand your sales and operations trends. Take action to fine-tune your product mix, minimize your costs, increase sales and optimize your inventory.

Get More Out of Your Tools

Insights tools

Use the Inventory Success Quadrant to make informed decisions about your inventory, product, and channel strategy.

Forecasting and reports

100+ customizable, pivot table reports on available inventory, cash flow, COGS, forecasting based on historic sales data, and more.

Smart buyer

Quickly create purchase orders based on factors like stock availability or pending production jobs.


Homepage dashboard with real-time sales and operations data; accounting integration and EDI channel dashboards.

It’s great having the information at your fingertips which can be immediately understood and without the need for a bunch of spreadsheets. It simplifies your business, makes it a lot easier to run, and more transparent.

Gordon Grant, I Love Ugly


Actionable data, better business decisions

Optimize your strategy

Plan the perfect inventory mix using our extensive product, channel, sales and other insights.

Gain full visibility

See all your sales and operations in real-time: every sale, customer, channel and location.

Instant highlights

Get the top-line numbers you need in our customizable homepage dashboard.

Intuitive control

Simplify your workflows, reduce admin tasks with accounting, EDI and other dashboards.


Yes. Cin7’s extensive reports library includes planning tools to help you plan your purchases and replenishment based on your past activity. Other tools, like the Inventory Success Quadrant, give you actionable data to make decisions about what products to sell, which channels to use, what prices to set and more.
Yes. Cin7 gives real-time visibility of every location and store where you hold inventory. It keeps your inventory updated as you buy, hold and sell products. That means you always have an accurate picture of what’s available to sell and what you need to stock up on.