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Expand your business quickly with Cin7's out-of-the-box Amazon integration

Inventory control

Inventory control

Allocate stock for Amazon channels; benefit from simplified Amazon order management and the real-time dashboard on Amazon Seller Portal.

Automated features

Automated features

Product mapping, order downloads and order status updates, stock adjustments and stock availability, BOMs for product bundles. Learn More

Shipping and fulfillment

Shipping and fulfillment

FBA shipping plans (for FBA seller); route orders for dispatch from the stock location closest to the customer; Direct Fulfillment (for Amazon Vendor).

Built-In EDI

Built-In EDI

Manage Amazon Vendor orders directly from Cin7 without the need to use third-party connectors.

We’ve come from a business that was focused on one market to being focused on five. <strong>Cin7 helps us take the pain out of coordinating across all those markets,</strong> and integrates perfectly with Amazon.

We’ve come from a business that was focused on one market to being focused on five. Cin7 helps us take the pain out of coordinating across all those markets, and integrates perfectly with Amazon.

Dan Dear — Steens Honey


Seamless order management for Amazon sellers and vendors

Work faster

Automatically download Amazon Vendor and Amazon Seller orders directly from Amazon, eliminating manual tasks that waste time.

Stay in sync

Manage inventory on Amazon by automating order status updates and stock availability.

Fulfill flexibly

Simplify order fulfillment from any kind of warehouse: your own, a 3PL, FBA or a combination.

Scale your growth

Move from Seller to Vendor quickly without the need for third-party connectors.


Common questions about Cin7's Amazon integration

Your existing inventory management system requires a third-party to manage Amazon Vendor orders. Cin7 builds EDI into our Amazon Vendor integration, letting you manage Amazon orders and stock as part of your entire business without the need for third-party vendors or connectors. This reduces your overall cost and complexity while providing real-time stock visibility, order automation and improved efficiency.

Your current system doesn’t track the costs or profits of your Amazon channels. Cin7 does. With detailed reporting on sales, COGS, FBA storage and handling fees, commissions, chargebacks and more, you’ll know how well every product you sell on Amazon is performing.

Your current system forces you to create FBA shipping plans in Seller Central separately from your order management processes. This increases your data entry requirements. Cin7 reduces your admin by generating Amazon shipping plans directly from a branch transfer or purchase order.

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