Job Costing

Shrink your costs and grow your margins

Calculate profitability across any dimension to optimize pricing and accelerate financial reporting

See your true profits

Track every cost – from components to products, inventory, and labor – to set pricing that protects your margins.

...And that’s the quantifiable difference for us, with Cin7 Core. We can accurately see, per transaction, if we’re going to be meeting our targets or not.

Cale Watson, Operations Manager, Mega Medical

Reduce your costs

Use the Job Costings Material Report to find economies and efficiencies that cut waste, reduce spend and create savings.

Automated Invoicing

Generate and send invoices at set milestones through your manufacturing and order fulfillment process. Then automatically synchronize those invoices to your accounting system.


The Job Costing module can be used to keep track of expenditures that have gone into performing a job for a customer. Expenditures can be both inventory and service in nature, and include your own services/inventory and those of suppliers. The Job Costing module can be used to accumulate these expenditures and produce an invoice for the customer adding a margin if required.
Expenses can include those ordered from your own suppliers via purchases or those directly from your inventory via assemblies and inventory write-off.