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Order management and automation features for every type of product seller



Ecommerce order downloads, 3PL pick requests and pick notifications; route orders to stock location closest to customers; send EDI documents to 3PLs and big retail customers.



Trigger branch transfers when inventory reaches pre-set levels at a branch location.



Send purchase orders to suppliers when inventory reaches pre-set levels at a branch location.

Automation Bots

Automation Bots

Reduce the time it takes to send sales order emails, replenish stock locations, and batch ecommerce orders, including Amazon order management.

It’s gone from a whole day’s worth of work every week to maybe an hour in total. <strong>Cin7 has cut down the work considerably.</strong>

It’s gone from a whole day’s worth of work every week to maybe an hour in total. Cin7 has cut down the work considerably.

Ruth Townsend — Anova


Minimize your manual inventory and order tasks

Thrill your customers

Minimize data entry errors, and get the right order to the right customer on time every time.

Automate manual tasks

Use Cin7’s order management system software to eliminate routine tasks so you can put your resources toward adding value to your brand.

Simplify your work

Ensure inventory accuracy without the need to maintain multiple spreadsheets and apps.

Refresh your inventory

Ensure your stock is topped up as you quickly move more products through your inventory.


Common questions about order management

Your current software is just too basic to automate processes, especially as your business gets more complex. Cin7 puts all your channels and locations in one platform, allowing us to automate the most time-consuming tasks across all aspects of your business.

It takes your staff a lot of time to manage the complex, repetitive tasks required to replenish your retail locations. Cin7 automates replenishment to free your key people to work on other parts of your business. Cin7 developed its replenishment automation features based on our experience with retail customers and input from industry experts.

The more you sell, the more complex your business gets. That’s especially true when you want to provide an omnichannel customer experience. Cin7 builds on its integrated channels and locations to automate processes. This allows you to fulfill orders according to customer preference, with support for click and collect and other omnichannel workflows.

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