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How Wayfair integrates with Cin7

How Wayfair integrates with Cin7
One system to trade with EDI retailers.

Reduced data entry & mistakes, not having to go through third-party EDI web forms.

Direct integration

Direct means purpose built, allowing full control of how Cin7 interacts based on events.

Reliability going direct and not via a third-party

Streamlining and automation of processes through greater flexibility.

How Wayfair integrates with Cin7

Benefits of integrating Cin7 with Wayfair

To trade with Wayfair, a supplier must send and receive transaction documents electronically, conforming to the company’s EDIFACT EDI standards. Cin7 is fully compliant and integrate the below:

  • 850 Purchase Order—Cin7 translates Wayfair purchase orders as individual sale orders in Cin7.
  • 856 Advanced shipping notice (ASN)—Cin7 translates ASNs into EDI format and sends to Wayfair to expect delivery of order.
  • 997 Functional acknowledgements—Cin7 confirmation to Wayfair of receiving purchase order and Wayfair confirmation of ASN sent by Cin7.
  • Flat file document—Cin7 syncs stock counts with Wayfair to ensure inventory is up-to-date.
  • Invoice—Cin7 generated invoice to Wayfair for items dispatched to Wayfair.

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