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Multichannel selling is the top priority

Move to software designed for multichannel selling, now.

To capitalize on the ecommerce boom and win eager buyers before competitors do, you need your business running on the best software available. You don’t want to be the person who misses tremendous opportunities because you’re procrastinating on upgrading your technology.

Multichannel selling is the top priority

Actionable insights

Two tips for a multi-channel software upgrade:

1. Consider the hidden costs of outdated accounting software

The costs of operating on accounting software designed before 2010 are huge, but often well-concealed. Sure, these platforms can invoice customers, record expenses, and maintain a ledger. But modern accounting products have native APIs that enable powerful extensions to their core accounting—allowing drastic improvements to efficiency and profitability.

2. Build a foundation that allows B2B selling to flourish

Multichannel often means selling to both consumers and to businesses. B2B selling requires deep integration into accounting software to effectively manage quoting, pricing, and contract terms. None of this is possible if your software doesn’t play nice with others. To find compatible software, start by evaluating the highest rated solutions in Xero and QuickBooks’ application marketplaces. Filter out inventory management solutions that don’t have large networks of integrations to ecommerce platforms, online marketplaces, and advanced integrations like 3PL fulfillment and EDI connections..

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