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Technical talent is a prerequisite for success

Equip yourself with the right tech talent

The happiest and most confident business owners know that they can’t ‘go it alone.’ They build a support system of tech-talented folks around them to help the business grow.

Technical talent is a prerequisite for success

Actionable insights

Top tips for enlisting the right help:

1. Find a tech coach or consultant

If you aren’t tech savvy, you need to enlist help from an experienced professional who can help you navigate the many costly traps and exciting opportunities of selling in today’s multichannel marketplace. While there is a cost associated with bringing someone on, consider that you're already running your own experiments every day with your digital advertising, product designs, and shipping. If your coach prevents even one mistake, this would easily cover more than a full year of engagement fees.

2. Ask your tech coach to review your tech stack and IT team

Request that they perform a “tech audit,” and provide a detailed assessment of the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats (SWOT analysis) of your current approach. Ask them to explain how the current technology will support or hinder your vision for your ecommerce, B2B, and D2C sales channels. This clarity will help you execute a sound overall strategy instead of ad hoc tactics.

3. Hire an in-house technical IT person

Your tech coach can help you craft a perfect job description. You could even ask them to help you interview, shape the compensation, and pick the right candidate. Your tech coach can give you the blueprint for an ideal tech stack, but you still need a team to build and run it. You’ll need a mix of members of your tech coach’s developers and your team to achieve the greatest, sustainable success.

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