11 May, 2022

Cin7 Releases Pre-Built Automation Tech Stacks to Accelerate Product Seller Success

Built on analysis of 14,000 eCommerce and product selling businesses, Cin7 Orderhive powers effective automation and scale

DENVER, CO / ACCESSWIRE / May 10, 2022 / Cin7, a pioneer in cloud-based inventory management software (IMS), today announced new inventory management automation tech stacks for Cin7 Orderhive. The pre-built, best practice automation stacks leverage terabytes of data from the Cin7 platform and show where companies sit along an automation maturity curve, helping millions of businesses easily learn and adopt automation best practices from companies that are succeeding and thriving.

Small businesses are increasingly dependent on automation to remain competitive and access the global marketplace. The growth of ecommerce in particular has created new opportunities for small product sellers, as online sales during this past holiday season increased 104% on average for small businesses compared to last year. As increased growth can lead to new complexities, automation has emerged as a significant opportunity for small businesses to grow at scale. In fact, 88% of small businesses say that automation enables their company to compete with larger businesses – assuming that they effectively navigate a multitude of technologies and tools.

“One of the most pressing challenges for small and emerging ecommerce sellers is picking the right apps, integrations, and sales channels for their ambitions and business requirements,” said Doug LaBahn, Chief Marketing Officer, Cin7. “There are literally hundreds of apps and integration choices and over a million different combinations of sales channels and app stacks that sellers could use. It’s a mind-bending challenge to understand, and fantastic for your business if you pick the winning choice out of the million options – and it’s disastrous and costly for businesses who make poor choices.”

The pre-built tech stacks for small product sellers empower them to instantly see and adopt the best practices ideal for their level of business maturity, using big data from 8,000 customers and 14,000 businesses in total. The result is a defined, easy to follow and cost effective automation best practices for product sellers. Now, product sellers can have their technology roadmap for under $100 from Cin7 Orderhive, including expert coaching and assistance to move up the automation staircase with greater ease, confidence, and success.

“For the last two years, we’ve studied the performance of product selling eCommerce businesses to identify what technologies the highest performing sellers are using and their technology roadmap for adding automations over time,” said Trevor Leybourne, Chief Technology Officer, Cin7. “This technology roadmap embodying best practices for product sellers is a reflection of a consistent pipeline of innovation that we’re applying on behalf of our customers. We look forward to integrating data and insights for our customer’s benefit, which will continue to accelerate as we integrate best-in-class capabilities for Cin7, DEAR Systems and Cin7 Orderhive.”

“Cin7 Orderhive knows what product sellers need,” said Robin Marahatta, Founder of Himalayan Bazaar. “Yes, when you have twenty-plus sales channels, it is not going to be easy to configure everything in five minutes – but the software is so good that it is self-explanatory and the support is fabulous. Now I can automate the mundane tasks and focus on the real stuff. The pricing is also great, and their plans point out exactly what we should use – making it even easier for us.”

To learn more about the roadmap, please see here for more details and information.

About Cin7

Cin7 is the leading provider of cloud-based inventory management software. It empowers small business and mid-market product sellers to succeed in the modern, global, multichannel economy by automating the sale, purchase, and delivery of products to consumers and B2B customers. Serving over 8,000 customers worldwide with Cin7, DEAR Systems, and Cin7 Orderhive, we deliver impressive value to product sellers’ mission-critical operations and empower product sellers to grow by adding and improving sales channels while simultaneously increasing operational efficiency and removing costly operational mistakes.


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