09 April, 2023

Cin7 Core Enhancements | 9th April, 2023

Feature 1: Advanced manufacturing module – transfer from co-manufacturer to co-manufacturer

Impact area:

Advanced manufacturing module, Reports module


With this release, Cin7 Core has made it easier to input production processes where multiple co-manufacturers take part in the same process, passing components and semi-finished products from one to another. Previously, our customers would use nested production orders to implement this scenario. Now, our customers can outsource production operations to multiple co-manufacturers within a single production order, while maintaining ownership as the vendor of all components consumed during the course of production.

A new report, Co-manufacturing Components Movement Summary has also been created to track the movement of components and semi-finished products as they travel from one co-manufacturer to another, showing quantities and costs in and out of each co-manufacturing location.

Please see documentation for further information.


  • Advanced manufacturing module subscription is required

More information:

Co-manufacturing (outsourcing parts of the production process)