12 March, 2023

Cin7 Omni Enhancements | 12th March, 2023

B2B Online Store

Show incoming stock date

Your B2B Online Store can now show when out-of-stock products are next arriving in your store. You can choose if the ETD from a purchase order will appear on the product details page.

This encourages customers to buy now to reserve stock if the timeframes match their needs.

Receive order confirmation emails (BCC)

Users can increase the visibility of customer orders to multiple team members by copying customer order confirmation emails to themselves or your team. You can add up to four email addresses that will be BCC’d in customer email confirmations.


Synchronize twelve months of accounting transactions and payments

Upgrades to our Xero and QuickBooks Online integrations to synchronize transactions and payments from the past 12 months. The previous limit for most transaction types was 90 days.

Find out how to configure how many past months’ transactions sync with Xero and QuickBooks Online here.

Map credit note comments to QuickBooks Online

Mapped the Customer Report field of credit notes and the Comments To Supplier field of supplier credit notes to your QuickBooks Online transactions. Now you can share comments from your Cin7 Omni credit notes with customers and vendors through QuickBooks Online transactions.