Streamline procurement and purchasing

Optimize your spend, right-size your stock and smooth out your processing to save time, increasing cash flow and delighting customers

Fast, accurate receiving

Create effortless traceability across your whole inventory lifecycle, from the moment stock arrives. Replace lengthy, error-prone data entry with barcode scanning with Cin7 Core. Integrate serial and batch number tracking to see every component, product and batch from one place.

Because of Cin7 Core, we know that the system is accurate, and when it comes to planning and ordering inventory, the cycle time for that is a lot shorter as well.

Tyrone Gyde, Supply Chain Manager, Ovira

Automate stock availability

Never keep another customer waiting. Trigger purchase-orders at low-stock thresholds to minimize backorders and have continual fulfillment. Use forecasting tools (like inventory velocity reports) to keep replenishment aligned with demand.

Simplify supplier management

Visualize every supplier relationship in one place to see order history, payments (including prepayments and deposits) and more. Apply payments to multiple invoices for simple purchasing processes, and convert currencies to simplify financial analysis.

Unlock strategic purchasing

Go beyond product-in, product-out with advanced purchasing capabilities. Tie multiple stock shipments and invoices to single orders for zero-effort management, faster turnarounds and greater flexibility.


Yes, you can compare the ordered item quantities with your existing inventory stock levels using the Verify Order function in Cin7. Based on this information, you can decide whether to keep a line item on your purchase order, remove it, or adjust the quantity.
Using the Order Approval Feature, you can require an approval before receiving stock or invoicing.
At the stock received stage, you can select the desired location for each product. You can also import received items in multiple locations using a csv file.
Yes, you can pay some or all of your invoices from a single supplier at one time using the bulk supplier payments feature.