16 October, 2023

Cin7 Omni Enhancements | 16th October, 2023


Allocate Dynamic Locations via Stocktake Master

You can bulk update product locations (dynamic locations) with Stocktake Master. If you use Pick ‘n’ Pack, we recommend switching to WMS and dynamic locations.


Shopify API update

In order to comply with Shopify’s partnership rules and deprecation dates, we have upgraded Cin7 Omni to use Shopify’s more recent 23-04 API. This upgrade had no impact on the functionality of our Shopify integration.

Integrations (Cin7 API)

Sales Order endpoint exposes ModifiedCOGSDate and CancellationDate

The Sales Order endpoint of Cin7 API now exposes additional fields that allows to request for orders that have been modified with COGS value or have been cancelled on a specific time.

Sales Order endpoint conversion of foreign currency unit prices

The Sales Order endpoint of Cin7 API now uses the current exchange rate to update unit prices on foreign currency sales orders.

Resource Center

Welcome Guides to Cin7 Omni

Our resource center is your one-stop shop for learning about Cin7 Omni. Trial or new accounts can use welcome guides to learn the basics of Cin7 Omni. You can also quickly jump to our help articles (Connect), Academy, or contact our professional services team.


B2B Promotions

Previously, when your login session expired, a warning message appeared. Now, you are redirected to the login screen and can easily renew your session.