09 April, 2023

Cin7 Omni Enhancements | 9th April, 2023

Integration – Public API

Product tags available in Product API

Now, the Product endpoint is exposing the product tags. See the API Documentation for more details.

Improve API performance by adding caching

The processing time has been improved when you request information via the Cin7 API.

Improve API error handling

We have made improvements to the Cin7 API to reduce the amount of errors. This includes:

  • New error for an order with any date fields with numbers outside the 1700-9999 range.
  • Null exceptions set to 0 as if they were empty (instead of ““ or a different value).
  • No tax status set on an order will be set as undefined.



Removed the fulfillment_service from the Shopify Settings

Shopify has deprecated their API endpoint “fulfillment_service” and we made the necessary updates in order to stay compliant with Shopify’s requirements.

Now, when you download a sales order with a line item fulfilled by a Shopify fulfillment service, the name of that fulfillment service is no longer saved to the notes of that line item on the sales order in Omni. We’ve removed the fulfillment_service option from the Line Items settings in your Shopify integration settings, which means that it will no longer appear on the Sales Order.

You can still upload stock levels to your Shopify fulfillment service.