29 January, 2023

Cin7 Omni Enhancements | 29th January, 2023

Enhancements | 29th January

B2B Online Store

Contact Us form/Request access

You can add a Contact Us form to your B2B Online Store’s login page. Potential customers (who don’t have access to log into your store, but can find it online) can email to request access to your store, ask for a quote, or get in touch with you.

B2B order history has more fields

Added additional fields in the Cin7 Omni B2B order history list to help track orders.

Warehouse Management (WMS)

Dispatch and receive branch transfers in WMS

You can send stock from one warehouse/branch and receive it from another branch in WMS. After creating a branch transfer in Cin7 Omni, you can pick, pack, and dispatch the branch transfer. Another branch can then receive that branch transfer (also using WMS).

Sales Orders

Performance improvements when importing sales orders

The processing time has been improved when you are importing sales orders into Cin7 Omni.


Customer routing for e-commerce orders

Released customer routing for sales orders downloaded from Shopify, BigCommerce, and WooCommerce.

Previously, when you downloaded e-commerce sales orders to Omni, you could have them automatically assigned to one default customer. Now you can choose a default customer for each branch so that your sales orders are assigned to a unique default customer depending on what branch (or distribution branch) fulfills the sales order.

Customer routing only works in conjunction with branch routing.


Foreign currency transaction enhancements

Released two improvements to foreign currency transactions (transactions denominated in a foreign currency).

Your foreign currency sales order and purchase orders now display the time and date the effective exchange rate was set. And on a foreign currency purchase order, you can now set a fixed exchange rate that won’t update with the market. Find out more about foreign currency transactions here.